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Li Ang, the penname of Shih Shu-tuan (b. 1952), is one of the most prolific and innovative writers on the contemporary Chinese-language literary scene. Starting with “Flower Season,” a short story published when she was sixteen (1968), Li Ang has consistently and persistently challenged her readers to confront socio-cultural issues and taboos that range from gender, sexuality, ethics, and domestic violence, to government atrocity, identity politics, and rampant consumerism. A pioneer in both style and content, she continues to break new ground with each new work. No other Chinese/Taiwanese novelist has been as vocal as Li Ang, as influential, or has covered as wide a range of topics. ---Sylvia Li-chun Lin

Life Chronology

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In Li Angʼs hand


In her more than forty-year writing career, Li Ang has continued to dig out more space for discourse for women writers, and many of her novels have been translated into many languages. Her determination and efforts for literature not only has carved out a space for Taiwanese literature in the international literary scene, but also exerts considerable influence within the country and overseas. -- Read More

PREFACE — The Butcher's Wife



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Complete texts of short stories "Bloody Sacrifice with Color Make-up", "A Doll with Curves", "Beef Noodles", "The Ghost of the Lights Out Street", and two chapters from The Butcher's Wife


LI Ang Interviewed by Professor CHIU Kuei-fen (selected from Interviews with Taiwan women writers)





Variuos videos of perofrmance videos, TV programs about Li Ang or her works, video invertiews, etc.





The Li Ang Digital Archive Project, authorized by the author herself, was initiated by Dr. Kuei-fen Chiu, Director of the Research Center for Humanities and Social Science (RCHSS) of National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) in 2014. The data collection, selection, and analysis efforts were coordinated by Dr. Min-Xu Zhan, who worked with Li Ang to digitally map out the literary journey of Drifting Voyageur (《漂流之旅》). As a digital archive that encompasses a complete range of Li's works, the website capitalizes on the digital qualities of the Internet and is therefore different from traditional writers’ websites. It employs novel plug-ins such as TimeLine JS, TimeMapper, Tour Builder, Google Earth, etc., to present Li’s distinguishing personal style. The website contains Li Ang’s biography, publications, manuscripts, precious first-hand photos, a world map of Li Ang’s translated works, audio-visual materials, digital literature mapping, significant book reviews, interviews, as well as Chinese and foreign literary criticisms on Li Ang’s works. This digital platform facilitates multilevel and flexible interactions among the materials to offer readers a vivid and digitized view of the Li Ang Digital Archive.

The digital team of RCHSS would like to acknowledge the assistance of all the scholars, directors and administrations who contributed to the website: Howard Goldblatt (the English translator), Martina Hasse (the German translator), Kim Tae Sung and Kim Yang Su (the Korean translators), Monika Treut (the documentary director), Professor David Der-Wei Wang (Harvard University), Professor Jiang Bao-chai (National Chung Cheng University), Lin Mei-hong (choreographer), Professor Shih Shu and Professor Fan Ming-ju (Graduate Institute of Taiwanese Literature, National Cheng Chi University), Professor Chang Wen-hsun (Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature, National Taiwan University), Professor Chang Ji-lin (Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy in Academia Sinica), Professor Fujii Shozo (University of Tokyo), Cultural Affairs Bureau of Chiayi City, Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy at Academia Sinica, Wu San-Lien Awards Foundation, and all the students of the NCHU class of “Taiwan Literature and Digital Archive” in the fall term of 2014.

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