Autobiography: A Novel

Autobiography: A Novel (Taipei: Crown Publishing House, 2000)

This is a biography based on the story of Xie Xuehong, the most fiery and proud heroine in Taiwan’s modern history. A born rebel gifted with beauty and intelligence, her life was destined to be one of hardship. By confronting Japanese imperialism, Kuomintang’s feudalism and the Communist dictatorship, she was pursued by the authorities, imprisoned, tortured and finally executed. Even to the bitter end, never once did she abandon her identity as a female revolutionary who was more than ready to die for her beliefs. This complex tapestry of writing in Autobiography: A Novel weaves through history, fiction and the illusion of the both. What it reflects is not merely the life of Xie Xuehong or the power manipulation by female politicians, but, essentially, also the life of women in their collective entirety over the century.
--Quoted from Taiwan Literature Net


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