Everyone Takes A Bite out of Roadside Sugarcanes

Everyone Takes A Bite out of Roadside Sugarcanes (Taipei: Chiu Ko Publishing House, 2014)

Beigang Incense Burner of Lust, a book about women and sex, was first published in 1997. Fifteen years later, Li Ang has launched her Everyone Takes A Bite out of Roadside Sugarcanes, a book about “men, politics and body. ” She once again has challenged the boundary of social taboos and used the history of the Taiwanese democratic movements to tell the story from a new perspective. Her boldness in dissecting the structure of symbiosis between power and sex reveals a wild scene of politics in Taiwan. She continues to challenge herself and create a new landscape of writing contemporary fictions in Taiwan.  
--Translated from 九歌文學網 by Min-min Liang


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