Marriage in Seven Lives: Entangled Love Affair of Taiwanese / Mainlander

Marriage in Seven Lives: Entangled Love Affair of Taiwanese / Mainlander 
(Taipei: Linking Publishing Company, 2009)

Li Ang who is well known for writing about women and sexual desire, presents a love story with an unusual emotion. Adopting a mood of lyrical sentimentality and a belief in mysterious fatalism, Li tells a cursed and entangled love story evolves through past lives to the present lives…The background of the story is set in contemporary Taiwan and China. The female and male protagonists have encountered each other time after time. Is it because of their longing for each other? Or is it the result of memories life after life? In the swirls of karma, there is a distinct beat of protagonists’ profound love in multiple lifetimes. It tells a love hidden in the most inner part of one’s heart, and a love that cannot be described.
--Translated from 聯經出版 by Min-min Liang



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