Visible Ghosts

Visible Ghosts  (Taipei: Unitas Publishing Co., 2004)

Renowned for being rebellious, ready to challenge authority and scandalously direct depictions of sex, Li Ang’s follow-up to her “People” book switches the focus to “Ghosts”. More specifically, she uses “Female Ghosts” to interpret the world around us. As someone that grew up with scary ghost stories, Li remembers her hometown, Lugang, as such; each and every corner of all its alleyways and streets was occupied by one ghost. Lugang is thus alluded to in her story as Lucheng (meaning ‘Town of Deer’). Li Ang, with all her literary might, has created a ghost kingdom more haunting, more hair-raising than Dark Tales, a Chinese classic. The East, North, West, South and Center of the fictional kingdom are dominated by five female ghosts; such is the premise, in which to outline the frightful ghosts-inhabited fables. Steering clear of female ghosts in conventional yarns, Li focuses on creating alternative female ghosts exclusive to Taiwan. In this borderless kingdom of ghosts, female specters are let loose, to roar, to shriek, and to be heard.
--Quoted from Taiwan Literature Net

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