Dark night

Dark Night (Taipei: China Times Publishing Co., 1985)

Born in 1952, Li Ang made her debut in Taiwanese literary circle by her first article Floral Season when she was in the first year of senior high. Li Ang has been considered as a controversial writer, since the theme of her novels is mostly about love and sex of modern people, and she pays attention to sexual psychological problems and moral issues the youths encounter when society changes. Undisguised description of sex and related moral issues are brought into her novels, and therefore critics give her bipolar evaluation. However, Li Ang defies others' judgments and keeps writing in a female point of view, and she holds her place in Taiwanese literary circle. Li Ang once said her work Dark Night is quite obscure; the bright side of life is barely seen; what readers find is only weakness and gloominess of human kind. Dark Night describes an ugly "food chain" which is composed of various privities taken place in Taipei city where economy grows rapidly.
---Quoted from Taiwan Literature Net

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