Bewitching Love

Bewitching Love (Taipei: Locus Publishing House, 2005)

This story is not only about lesbians, but also about women, about women’s love. Women’s sexuality occurs along a spectrum--a spectrum that includes heterosexuality, bisexuality, homosexuality, and queer-identification. Four different women are searching for sex and love; exploring their bodies and identities on their own with or without the presence of men. There is an entanglement of love and sexual desire, disillusion and hope…
The famous writer Li Ang has revealed a female world to us here. As a female storyteller, she always stays sharp and lucid. This is not only a trick to fascinate her audience but also a secret for her and the entire race of woman to survive in the eternal dark nights. 

--Translated from 大塊Online by Min-min Liang



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